Trystan LeBrun

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As a kid I had many interests. Such as, hockey, music, drumming, and of course, art (mostly drawing). I often struggled between which I enjoyed the most. Always feeling I had to choose one to pursue. I never liked doing things with half effort. If I wasn’t fully passionate about it, I wouldn’t bother. Now, all these hobbies of mine growing up, I believe played an integral role in where/who I am today. Growing up an only child, or as I called it until 14 when I found out the proper term “lonely child” haha, I think led me into the world of the arts. I always had lot of time to myself. When you have no siblings you grow up more independent much faster. You also learn to entertain yourself and enjoy your own company. So very quickly you get in-tune with yourself.

I spent lots of time drawing, so one day my mother found me a private art teacher, Sergey Malina. The art teacher whom I owe so much to for shaping who I am artistically. He allowed me to freely express myself through my work. He let me choose how I like being taught. I find he believed that his job was to simply water the seed, and that the seed will grow at it’s own pace, and that it’s height, at the end of the day, will be a direct result of its own ambition & raw talent. He never judged, yet encouraged, he was able to see people’s potentials and strong points and lead them down their right paths, while allowing them to get there themselves at their own pace.

I loved drawing horror growing up. In my mind we get to see pretty things all the time, though we’ll never get to see the things horror artists create, EVER in real life! So why not create more of it and let art be a way of speaking of what’s beyond our world to explore! Allow it to give people visuals of things they’ll never get to see in their life. I was obsessed with making an impression on people. I wanted to push people beyond their comfort zone. Have them see things my way. I wanted people to think when they saw my artwork. I wanted them to leave and not be able to get the visual of my work out of their minds.