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Trystan LeBrun

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As a kid Trystan had many interests, including: hockey; music; drumming; and, of course, art (mostly drawing). He never liked doing things with half effort.  If he wasn’t fully passionate about it then he wouldn’t bother.

All of these hobbies played an integral role as to where/who he is today. Growing up an only child led him into the world of the arts. He always had lot of time to himself.

He spent lots of time drawing, and eventually found himself being mentored by art teacher Sergey Malina. Sergey allowed Trystan to freely express himself through his work.  He encouraged his students to achieve their goals on their own and at their own pace. 

Trystan has always loved drawing horror themes. He feels that we see pretty things all the time and loves creating art that speaks to what’s beyond our world to explore! 


Trystan loves the idea of treating people to visuals that they will never get to actually see in their real lives.  He strives to have clients leave their sessions not being able to get his artwork out of their minds.

Feel free to check out Trystan's latest killer tattoos on his Instagram page (click on the icon next to his name).

Trystan handles all bookings via email:

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