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Come visit Odalisque Studios Inc. for the most personal tattoo experience that the Greater Toronto Area has to offer.


We feature award-winning artists in a clean and welcoming space focused on custom tattoo work. We operate by appointment only so that our artists can dedicate their full attention to the clients in their chairs and so clients can enjoy some peace and privacy while getting tattooed.


All of our artists handle their own bookings so if you already know which artist you want to book with then kindly contact them directly as detailed in their respective profile in the  'Artists' section of our website.


If your artist is not currently booking clients or if you don't know yet who you want to book with then please look through each of our wonderful artists' Instagram pages to see whose style most closely matches that of your desired tattoo.  You can then contact them directly.  The links to all of our artists' Instagram pages can also be found in their profile in the  'Artists' section of our website.

The studio strives for inclusivity and is proudly LGBTQ+ owned and friendly

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