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Tye was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario and moved to Toronto after high school. While studying Fine Arts and Art History at the University of Toronto he fell into the tattoo industry by chance. In no time, he realized that this was going to be a passion of his. 


Eventually, Tye opened Odalisque Studios in 2016.  He envisioned an intimate place that inspired artists and clients to create uniquely personal works of art.  He also wanted to create a studio where where artists could really focus on their craft without unnecessary distractions while clients could enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.


Tye focuses primarily on black and grey realism with surrealist twists. His work is influenced by his art history studies, which he often incorporates into dreamlike images.  He is most passionate about realistic black and grey portaiture.

Feel free to check out Tye's latest awe-inspiring tattoos on his Instagram page (click on the icon next to his name).

Tye handles all bookings via email:

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